The multiple treatments we provide to give each of our customers exactly what they want.

1.- Entrefino lambskin: 1st df , 2nd df, nappa, mixed nappa, light nappa
2.- Merino lambskin: 1st df large cut, 1st df light cut, 2nd df, mouton.
3.- Entrefino shearling : toscana, 1st df, 2nd df
4.- Merino shearling: 1st df, 2nd df
5.- Entrefino suckling: toscana, semipunta, originals 1ST, clip, spotted , black , curl.
6.- Merino suckling: 1st df, 2nd df, side.
7.- Entrefino sheepskin: 1st nappa, 2nd nappa
8.- Merino sheepskin: df, strip.
9.- Goatskin: nappa for footwear
10.- Chevrette and machetes: nappa for footwear
11.- Kid: 1st chevrette, 2nd chevrette, kid.
12.- Young heifer: all weights
13.- Calfskin: from 5 kg to 30 kg
14.- Cowhide: all weightsbr> 15.- Marks: only iron brands and fights
16.- Equine leather: all weights

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