About Us


José mª Torres SA was founded in 1974, although the torres family has been connected to hides, skins and leather for many more years. in fact, the current management is the 4th generation of this family.

With the most modern means for transport, preparation and storage, hides and skins in josé mª torres are always in the best conditions for our customers (photo of the refrigerated lorries, machinery and tanning drum and rooms.

The great capacity in material and human resources, combined with the professionalism of our employees gained over long years of experience.

All these factors have made José Mª Torres SA one of the leading companies in the raw hide sector, in prestige and size. This prestige, acknowledged by the best tanneries throughout the world, means that we have customers in over 15 countries: Austria, Alemania, Bélgica, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Egipto, España, Francia, Holanda, Italia, Méjico, Paquistán, Polonia, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Some figures of interest

  • 8,300 m in facilities (3,500 m refrigerated)
  • 1,500 m mechanical hot-air dryers
  • 1,000 m of fan dryers
  • 12 lorries (5 refrigerated)
  • 32 employees
  • More than 700 suppliers
  • More than 200 customers

Approximate annual production.

  • 1,200,000 lambskin (merino and entrefino df and nappa)
  • 400,000 babylambskins (merino and entrefino)
  • 100,000 skins with hair (goat, kid, etc..)
  • 50,000 sheepskins (merino, entrefino)
  • 200,000 bovine (calfskins, cowhides, etc)